C.G. Capelletti

Since 1861, the C.G. CAPELLETTI deals with the production and sale of furniture. Every single item is faithfully reproduced from antique pieces in the proportions, materials and finishes. Being directly responsible for all phases of production, from design to sale, the CG CAPELLETTI has the opportunity to enter the market not only unique reproductions, but also to fully satisfy customer needs, changing the details of each item according to his need. Having the opportunity to visit the company’s showroom and production area, the customer can penetrate and remain fascinated by the world that is hidden behind these works of art. The customer is followed step by step by a team of skilled professionals: even before the production phase of the articles, in fact, every single project is studied and analyzed creating photorealistic renderings to be certain that all the desires and needs are met. Moreover, the C.G. CAPELLETTI, provides clients with excellent after-sales service that, combined with long experience in the sector of luxury, has helped to create an important network of loyal customers. Nowadays, the Company has established itself among the leaders of the sector. Therefore, the know-how is expressed in the ability to respond to different needs in terms of taste, necessities and culture making furniture for private villas, hotels, restaurants, public places, till the yacht design.


C.G. CAPELLETTI was born in Meda; it was a tiny shop created by Mr. Antonio Capelletti. The city of Meda, then a small village, has always been famous for handicrafts and furniture production. There were many master cabinetmakers, carvers, decorators, gilders, able to interpret the ancient styles and to develop their own models. As the tradition, even for Mr. Capelletti, processing of the products was carried out for third parties, primarily for large companies in the area. Antonio Capelletti had a great passion for the in stile furniture and the first few articles were wonderful bedroom in baroque style along with some prototypes of chairs. They were the great master craftsmen with great seriousness that formed the younger; they taught not only technical skills, but also human values. So did Antonio with his son Angelo.


Around his twenties, Angelo Capelletti, took the reins of the company, making a big change. Instead of working for third parties, he started to work by himself and created his own models, taking inspiration from Renaissance style. Moreover, he began to sell directly his furniture, bringing them to the General Market in the city of Milan.


The love for woodworking and production of furniture is handed down from generation to generation. So even Cleto and Mario Capelletti, sons of Angelo, devote themselves to the family farm in the small workshop inherited. Unfortunately, with the Second World War, they are called to arms and, for love of their country, had to leave for several years Meda, the family and their business.


Once they came back to Italy, Cleto and Mario successfully carried out their father’s activity: bought a new house opening a bigger and more equipped craft workshop. They had worked together till 1961, when Cleto decided to quit the job. Mario, however, continued to produce furniture, studying the stateliness of Baroque style.


In these years, Claudio Capelletti started to work for the company. Nowadays, he is still the holder of the C.G. CAPELLETTI. In fact, when he was really young, has started to work with his father Mario, stealing all the secrets and techniques of the job. Thanks to a period of experience, passion and hard work , Claudio has taken the company to an important step of modernization. Always maintaining the real tradition of hand made furniture, Claudio decided to explore the international market.


These were years of big changing. The company has enlarged: besides the production centre in Meda, two more units were opened in Cabiate. The first one dedicated to the carpentry with numerical control machines, the second one used as gilding with gold leaf, 24 Kt and agate. Today, with its production area of ​​5000 square meters, the C.G. CAPELLETTI, builds furniture, pianos, furniture accessories, pool tables, chandeliers, boiserie, in all styles (Empire, Baroque, Chippendale, Sheraton, Russian, Eastern, ...) from the very first woodworking crude passing through the plating, polishing , inlay, carving, processing and application of the parts in bronze and brass, to the sale in an effort to always satisfy all the desires of the end customer.


Since 2010, following the tradition of the Capelletti family, also the son of Mr. Claudio, Diego, has decided to support the father.
With great dedication, passion and love for the "in stile" furniture,
Diego joined the company to embrace the secrets of this ancient art and take it forward through time.
Following all the stages of production, but also beginning to establish contacts with customers to better understand the needs and tastes, the young entrepreneur realizes besides the classical line of the company, also its own collections, especially in the Baroque style, which leads proudly to the International fair Salone del Mobile in Milano.