How to choose the wood according to C.G. Capelletti

JUNE 2022

The artisanal nature of C.G. Capelletti is rediscovered each time the owners go personally to the suppliers of the noblest raw material for their work: wood.

Choosing the wood means knowing its most hidden secrets, but above all means not being in a hurry to use it, because as experience dictates, the wood must mature for even five years before becoming a real furniture prestige. There are two methods for seasoning wood: The first natural setting consists in leaving the stacks well ordered outdoors with good air passage between the axes; the second uses the drying technique, undoubtedly faster, but less in line with the artisan tradition.

The choice of timber comes from the passion and the desire of the owner to recreate quality furniture: the choice may fall on exclusive woods from Africa, the East or North America, according to different construction needs.