A history stretching back 160 years.

C.G. Capelletti was founded more than 160 years ago in a district firmly linked to the furniture tradition: Brianza, one of the most active and prolific areas of the Lombardy region.

It all began in a small artisan workshop thanks to Antonio Capelletti’s love for “style furniture”. A passion that has been handed down from generation to generation.

The furnishing accessories created by C.G. Capelletti are the highest level works of craftsmanship. They are made of fine and selected materials.

By four generations, furniture has been hand made by highly specialized master craftsmen. Manufactured in Meda, C.G. Capelletti furnishings have located in prestigious locations all over the world over time.

C.G. Capelletti today

Today, C.G. Capelletti continues to be a focus thanks to its ability to combine artisan values ​​and Italian excellence, great experience and research, new ideas and reinterpretation of classic canons.

C.G. Capelletti blends manual processing with new technologies, such as: the latest generation numerical control pantographs and the 3D processing.
In addition, having the entire internal production cycle with unparalleled quality control in all departments: from the carpentry to the department bronzes, from polishing to packaging, provides enticing benefits.
The company has always been committed to operate in a sustainable way in order to reduce its environmental impact.

This is the reason why C.G. Capelletti owns photovoltaic panels to cover part of the energy needs of the entire factory; it transforms the solid wood leftovers into pellets that will be used for the heating and the brass wastes are melted to make new pieces.

As far as the creation of the furnishing accessories is concerned, the company provides high quality raw materials intended to survive through time and granting so a long lasting life of the final product.

This is the primary goal of the Company and of the sustainability, as anything endures long, it will not be a waste and a source of pollution.